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When trees were little, ice cream was creamy, the grass was green and December snowy, the escape from winter to summer and back again was an exotic and unaffordable treat that would cost you an arm and a leg.


Today, these unaffordable exotics already cost way more than just an arm and a leg, sometimes equaling the price of a whole aircraft; still, it made the local recreactional venues brace themselves and offer “a summer round the year” so that you don’t have to travel abroad and could afford a family outing.


Bukovel with its unique microclimate is a true salvation and a perfect escape for those living in megalopolises melting in their concrete cells in summer and looking hopefully at the sky in winter waiting for some snow. In summer, this place is nicely cool, complete with clear blue sky, and in winter when Ukraine starts praying for the forces of nature to send a handful of snowflakes that will melt before they fall onto the earth, Bukovel is where everyone breaks in the fresh ski trails and jumps in real snowdrifts happily.


VODA Resort complex providing unlimited summer is one of the main jewels of this place (the main Bukovel treasures still remaining the mountains, fresh air and peace!).


VODA Day&Night Club has been feeding, watering, entertaining, healing, bracing, relaxing, inspiring and restoring people for a whole year already — no matter what the weather and season are outside.


The whole complex and the beach that goes with it sprang up on the shore of artificial Lake of Youth — the largest in Ukraine. Sometimes it is teasingly dubbed “the Carpathian Sea”.


The lake water is always clean, transparent and very cold, so for those who believe in wonders of tempering the Lake of Youth is the perfect place to train your body and soul.


And for those who believe in healing powers of nice pleasant temperatures and sunbathing, the resort provides warmed swimming pools, Carpathian tubs, Jacuzzi and other joys of modern resort technologies.


Plunging into the invigorative Youth for just once is a summer must-do for sure, along with swimming in hot open-air swimming pool in winter and admiring snowy mountain tops in the process.


The recreation activity zone with catamarans, waterskis and jet skis is separated from the beach shelf, so you can swim and splash around not having to worry about a gaping wakeboarder that might just crash into you. Naturally, there are lifeguards watching over the vacationers so that they don’t swim farther than the floaters marking the swimming zone.


VODA Day&Night Club is so universal that you need to be an extremely capricious and demanding guest not to find anything to do here.


This place is made for both winter and summer vacation, for lazies and for sporties, for introverts and extraverts alike, for those who love super mega fitness and those who can’t live without large portions of tasty food.


One of the ski trails is close to the complex, so you can ride right in to VODA not only for après-ski but also for a couple of rounds in the swimming pool, and then give your muscles some nice workout in the gym and multiply the effect by drinking freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice and relax in the sauna or the salt therapy room.



For less extremal fitness adepts, there is relaxing massage, steaks roasted on open fire, hot homemade bread and other pleasantries that will make a good day spent on a ski trail perfect.


In summer, you can have your regular day at VODA like this: fresh juice, ice cream, swimming pool, SPA, ice cream, cake, sunbathing, swimming pool, ice cream, ice cream and some more ice cream.


The concert hall at VODA Day&Night Club is one of the most highly demanded venues, so you can have some more fitness — now in the form of dancing — and list it as another advantage of the complex.


The menu at Osteria Italiana, a Mediterranean restaurant at VODA, was created by chef Andrea Nori who did his best to make the Carpathian lake atmosphere as close to the gastronomic festivity of Italian seashore as possible.


Grilled asparagus, green salads with tomatoes, Mozzarella, sardines, risotto (the one served with white mushrooms is especially good), splendid Brodetto fish soup, freshly baked bread, pasta, shrimp, mussels, spicy, savoury and hot sauces served in the open will give you a much better taste of life and the feeling that you don’t live in vain!


As for desserts, cheesecake at VODA Day&Night Club is still one of the best in Ukraine.


In a year, mousse cake transformed from a hemisphere served on thin sponge cake into a spectacular dessert coupled with mirror icing, bitter chocolate and gentle filling.


The “in-country vacation” trend turned out to be not only much more loyal to family budgets for vacation and traveling, but it also made the views of the Lake of Youth, green Carpathian forests and fragrant green mountain slopes just as attractive as the colorful cascades of Cinque Terre or sandy beaches of the Canaries.


In the end, VODA has broken the stereotype of going to the mountains just for the sake of mountains: skiing, walks and cycling trips can exist side by side with the suntan lotions, diving and waterskiing, while traditional Banosh is perfectly comfortable on the same table with risotto and cream cheesecake.

Text: Olga Kari

Photos: Anton Lazutin, Olga Kari


VODA day&night club, Palianytsia Village, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Bukovel


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